Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Coming Rehabilitation of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President.

Cue the even-handed media coverage, the trappings of party power, and the coalescing of most of the Republican Party around its nominee. Cue the rehabilitation of Donald Trump. 
The major responsibility of decent people now is to not become accustomed to this. It is shocking. It is disgraceful. It will still be shocking and disgraceful after most of the Republican Party endorses him and votes for him in November. When a Republican figure you respect endorses Trump, it doesn't mean Trump is more respectable than you thought. It means that ordinary Republican leaders are not the decent people you thought they were.

Trump is not going to win the presidency, because the same qualities that made him so appealing to some Republicans will cause most Americans to reject him.

Trump is a misogynistic brute.

Trump is a racist.

Trump is a religious bigot.

Trump is a liar.

Trump is a fool.

He won because of these qualities. The GOP couldn't stop Trump because the other candidates wanted to reach the same bigoted and ignorant voters Trump is reaching. The Party has gotten the nominee it deserves.

The Democrats are a flawed but functioning party. And because they're a party that has room for women, for Muslims, for black and brown people, the Democrats will save the country. It is disgraceful and shocking and demeaning to all of us that this contest even has to take place.

This is not just an interesting campaign season. This is a "Grandpa did you speak out when--" moment. So, here I am, for the record. 

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