Saturday, September 6, 2014

If White Evangelicals Treated Abortion Like Racism

We White evangelicals are notoriously individualistic, but we're not consistently so. What if our public response to abortion was just as individualistic as our response to racism? I think it would look something like this:

Question: Don't you think we should pass laws to promote a culture of life and financially empower pregnant women to keep their babies?

Evangelical Answer: Well, laws can't change people's hearts. And it might be expensive.

Question: Shouldn't we fight for laws that ban elective late-term abortions?

Evangelical Answer: Well, there will always be abortions as long as there is sin in this world. The solution is to change the hearts of individuals. When a person becomes a Christian, she won't have abortions.

Question: Ok, but shouldn't we establish community organizations and charities that support vulnerable women, promote life and adoption, and stand with women in difficult situations?

Evangelical Answer: I don't see anything wrong with that, but that sounds like a lot of resources to invest in a minor problem. Are there abortionists out there? Sure, and there always will be. But I think the vast majority of Americans don't think much about abortion and are excited to welcome new children into the world.

Question: Don't you think we should develop public advocacy campaigns and culturally appealing messages to promote a pro-life view?

Evangelical Answer: Well, the abortion rate has already gone down so dramatically in recent decades. I think a lot of people profit by continuing to stir the issue up. I think if we talk about it less things will continue to get better.

Question: Well at the very least, shouldn't local churches come alongside women in difficult circumstances, offering them childcare and financial support?

Evangelical Answer: Hmm, well I guess there's nothing wrong with that. I don't really see what it has to do with Christianity though. It seems like you're getting away from the primary mission of the local church, and it might cause conflict within the church.

Question: Isn't there anything we should do?

Evangelical Answer: If some people are passionate about it I think it's fine for them to work on it. But it really seems rather political, and I don't think they should expect other Christians to join in. Again, a lot of this stuff is missing the main point: sin. People's hearts need to change.

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