Wednesday, May 23, 2012

first principles

I had an exchange with an old friend over the weekend that reminded me of some of the first principles that I try to keep in mind as I write this blog. This is nothing I haven't written before, but a periodic refresher for both myself and readers seems to be in order.

I blog about politics, race, history, and my Christian faith. Controversial opinions are expressed here, but they are just that: opinions. I reject the conceit that says an evangelical faith somehow enables me to discern God's will for our polity, much less that one of our political parties provides an adequate expression of Christian values.

I reject the notion that a particular set of political beliefs -- about taxes, size of government, abortion, and more -- necessarily follow from my faith in Jesus as my savior. I write with the conviction that the evangelical faith of which I am a part has immeasurably harmed itself by making its primary public witness a matter of politics and partisanship rather than culture and community, of procuring power rather than seeking sacrifice. I write in hopes of reminding Christians and skeptics alike that evangelicals do not speak with one voice, and that's a good thing.

This blog is actually a selfish enterprise. It has at least four purposes:

1) To have fun. I like it.

2) To facilitate my learning. Putting words on paper clarifies my thoughts.

3) To be a public example of evangelical faith that doesn't fit in predictable boxes.

4) To raise awareness about racial injustice.

That's it! If none of those things interest you, then don't read:)

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