Thursday, May 10, 2012

bryan fischer does not speak for christians

Over a year ago I wrote a post calling out Bryan Fischer for his anti-Christian bigotry and ignorance. I said that it was important for evangelicals to "police our own" and make sure that figures like Fischer are not seen as speaking for Christianity. At the time, you might have thought I was just picking on a fringe figure that no one had heard of anyway.

Well, now they've heard of him. Fischer has gone big-time in the wake of Richard Grenell's resignation from the Romney campaign. Fischer is basically taking credit for this dubious achievement, and the media, finding him a useful foil, is happy to play along. He's been skewered by John Stewart on the Daily Show, appeared on CNN numerous times, and has been quoted on many blogs and mainstream news sites. Over the weekend he got a big writeup on buzzfeed.

You can look back to the post I wrote over a year ago to see the sort of person Bryan Fischer is. The past year hasn't really been anything new. He still hates gay people with a passion. And now he's figured out that President Obama is purposely destroying the U.S. to punish it for being racist. So there you go.

And this bile is integrated into the broader evangelical world. Fischer's show goes out over hundreds of radio stations every day; tune in before or after and you might hear a praise song from Chris Tomlin or some such. What is a skeptic supposed to think? Perhaps they grew up in the church but were turned off by the relentless politicization of it. If they know their Bible, they may recall a certain passage that goes something like this: "These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me."

That verse describes me more often than not, and I fear I'm far from unique.

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